Strategic Objectives

Reflecting on an in‐depth understanding of the causes for the birth AEPA and its vision, our work is reviewed against its contribution towards the following strategic objectives:
1) To create environmentally─ conscious community and inspire environmental stewardship among communities, the public and the private sector and build the knowledge base about environment and sustainable development issues;
2) To promote human coexistence with nature with a long-term perspective so that the provisioning, regulating, cultural and supporting services of ecosystems are ensured;
3) To promote sustainable development in the region and beyond for the benefit of the public by preserving, conserving and protecting the environment, including the prudent use of natural resources;
4) To improve the living conditions of socially and economically disadvantaged communities trapped in the vicious cycle poverty and environmental degradation by enhancing sustainable development and use of natural resources in a participatory, rational, equitable and ethical way for the benefit of local communities.
5) To build models and evidences on sustainable use of natural resources for scaling and influencing policy and practice.