Who we are

Assosa Environmental Protection Association (AEPA) is a non‐governmental and not-for-profit organisation established and registered in 2005 with registration number 08/መ-1/97 and re-registered in 2010 as Ethiopian Resident Charity with registration number 1653 as per the new Charities and Societies Proclamation of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. The aim of AEPA is to promote and implement sustainable development practices, policies and strategies in Benishangul Gumuz Region and beyond.
The establishment of AEPA is inspired by understanding of the local and global context, particularly, the increasing burden of climate change on ecosystems and indegenous livelihoods in the Region.
AEPA is recognized by the region as effective champion for climate change and environmental protection. It is an amplifier of local voice for environment and climate change impacts which otherwise remain unheard in national and international fora. AEPA recognises that sustainable development, which balances economic development, social cohesion and environment protection, is fundamental to the objective of lasting poverty reduction. AEPA is dedicated to reversing trends in degradation and restoring the earth’s ecological balance for the benefit of humans and nature. AEPA works with an active local and national networks on environment that can help raise environmental awareness, conduct environmental education, engage in environmental advocacy and serve as a local environmental watchdog. AEPA has hands-on experiences in piloting/implementing community-based actions that link conservation of natural resources with livelihoods improvement−building replicable models. Since its establishment, AEPA able to benefit more than one million people in five districts in which it operates throgh capacity building, implementation of community-based projects and supporting local people such as environmental champions to represent themselves in national and international forums on environments.

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